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Vocation meets Yoga

Vocational exploration and tantra yoga can complement each other.


As we begin to explore deeply-held values and vocational options, our body inevitably joins the conversation: new ideas that resonate with us can produce an immediate 'physical' lift, or a felt sense of relief. Going ‘off track’, on the other hand, can feel tiring and tense. Everyday life situations show us that a relaxed mind depends on a relaxed body. Let's take a bath: as we relax and stop trying, creative thoughts and solutions appear from seemingly nowhere. So, when we review our working lives, what about involving our body from the start?

Tantra yoga is a perfect fit here: the poses stretch and relax our entire being towards new possibilities. The breathing techniques support a full flow of air and life energy which expands our thinking. At the same time, mental and physical perseverance builds. Yoga can convert our doubts, fears and uncertainties into courage and vitality. Also, for those who are spiritually oriented, insights gained through yoga can, in turn, lend depth and meaning to the vocational enquiry.















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"...In order to find your life's calling you need more information about yourself, not about the job market."

Richard Bolles 1996