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About Vocation


"You are on this planet not to add to the number but
to find out what you came here to do..."


Richard Bolles












Are you unfulfilled in your current 9 to 5 routine? Are you wondering what kind of life would express your deepest aspiration? Are you facing redundancy or any other unexpected career challenges? If you feel ready for a change - welcome to RealVocation!

Based on Richard Bolles' best selling career guide RealVocation offers talks, workshops and individual consultations to help you gain inspiration, confidence and new perspectives beyond the 9 to 5. The ‘Parachute’ manual is updated each year (see 2019 edition) and has helped Millions of readers optimise their Life-work Planning.


At a time when one in three employees are unhappy at work, the term 'Vocation' deserves a new hearing. It stems from the Latin 'vocare' meaning ‘inner voice’ or ‘calling’. Similarly, the Sanskrit ‘vac’ refers to ‘speaking’, and refers to manifestation through 'sound'. This is different to the term ‘career’ which suggests a linear upward progression. Vocation or 'Calling' refers to what ignites your passion, and to what this world truly needs of you. What have you always wanted to do, be, or create? There may be one particular Vocation in your lifetime, or several await your attention. Either way, there is evidence that following your Vocation is not selfish, but a key ingredient for good health.


Your vocation can knock on our door in many forms. For some, a career change or retraining is desired but they are unsure which role to choose. Others experience an unwanted redundancy, or a midlife change. These events often reveal an opportunity: what about that long-held dream of self-employment, a sabbatical, or working overseas? RealVocation can offer support to help you build your vision and devise an action plan. Whether you want a better job-fit, or a ‘180 degree life change’, you are welcome to a free introductory phone consultation M: 079 63093 729.