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Since 2015, I have been leading an award-winning career change programme for a large rehabilitation centre with a focus on supporting individuals to generate meaningful work options.

My enquiry into my own vocation began in 1986 when I visited the UK to experience ‘'life beyond a German university'’. Several years of exploration followed: alternative ways of living, wholistic education, and complementary healing modalities. I have lived in the UK ever since with periodic training in Denmark, Germany, and India. I qualified as a teacher and bodywork therapist in Edinburgh (ran my own practice for seven years), and later gained a First Class honours degree in occupational therapy. My subsequent career in cognitive-behavioural chronic pain management spanned 14 years in London included teaching, lecturing and published work. During this time I gained much insight into the health-related consequences that misaligned work can bring

One passionate question therefore guides my life to this day: What helps people discover the work & life that expresses their Essence? I found several answers to this not least through Richard Nelson Bolles'’ best selling career guide "What Color Is Your Parachute?" (see 2020 edition) and developed my first vocational service in 2001. The privilege of training directly with Richard in San Francisco in 2007 was followed by invitations to run national and international workshops for career changers across several industries, as well as for vocational advisors and job centre managers. Individual consultations are also on offer.


In my own life I have used sabbaticals to connect more deeply with 'what feels right' and make authentic choices. This led to three career changes across four decades while also exploring several meditation approaches, e.g. classical Yoga which inspired me to qualify as a Yoga Instructor (RYT 500) and continues to challenge my assumptions about 'reality', and how original yoga scripture translates into daily life.
I continue to offer career change facilitation for individuals from all walks of life and am currently developing a new workshop and masterclass to reflect my evolving understanding.


"Thank you for giving me the confidence to be who I am, you really inspired me.

I now know that I can do what I previously thought impossible."

A.Barton, Publisher, London




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"Marietta is a dedicated yoga practitioner, but is a particularly gifted teacher. She is warm and genuine, creating a safe, positive atmosphere for students to engage in a deeply personal and spiritual practice"


M. Stahly, Martial Arts Instructor & Yoga teacher, Washington D.C