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Time: New London dates tbc. First Drop-in FREE!

Venue: London venue tbc. Previous classes: www.fit-guru.com in Bath.

Well-known athletes and footballers use yoga to complement their fitness routine. Here is why:
Keeping muscles on constant alert expends a great amount of energy, and yoga stretches promote relaxation, efficient movement, injury prevention, and a winner's mind. This class will stretch and relax your whole body to allow for flexibility, fluidity, and sustained stamina when you next enjoy your gym training, or your favourite sport. Yoga also promotes mental focus and confidence in all areas of life. Three different yoga series (lying, sitting and standing positions) will be taught, and you will walk away with a great home routine. Level: Beginners and Intermediate.


BOOKINGS: exploringvocation@gmail.com

M: 0796 3093 729

Tailor-made early morning or lunch time classes just for your company.
Simply contact E: exploringvocation@gmail.com
Marietta has run classes for the staff team of the renowned MAKERY in Bath www.themakery.co.uk

Hi, I'm a booking button on pause :-)

Hi, I'm a booking button on pause :-)












"...learn to be still in the midst of activity, and to be vibrantly alive in repose."

        I. Gandhi


    1. NEW LONDON CLASSES 2017 TO BE CONFIRMED. Previous classes and workshops: http://tinyurl.com/hfaytwl

      This evening class will allow you to experience one of the most gentle yet powerful yoga styles in the world (Shivaistic Kaula lineage). Moreover, you will learn to receive and give a fabulous Ayurvedic 'walking massage' especially designed for yoga. Additional breathing practices will be taught to deepen your ability to relax, flow with ease, and meditate. This style of yoga balances your constitution while culturing efficiency and intuitive awareness.

      Suitable for all levels. Beginners welcome. Those who have attended Yoga Relaxation workshops will be able to deepen their practice.

      What previous participants said: http://www.yogatrail.com/teacher/marietta-birkholtz-120454/reviews


      New London schedule 2017 tbc.

      Previous classes:

      This morning workshop will introduce you to one of the most gentle Yoga styles in the world (from the Shivaistic Kaula lineage). After a brief warm-up with a 'walking massage' designed for yoga, we will cover a short 'Standing Series' for alignment, and a leisurely 'Lying-down series' for in-depth relaxation, and meditation (Tri-Dosha Balancing). We will approach the ãsanas (poses) from a place of care and patience with ourselves, learning to let go of performing and comparing so that we can just 'be' and meditate.


      "l found this Sunday session lovely, nurturing, meditative, connecting and blissful." - J.Lawford

      “This is just the right combination between relaxation and fitness for me.” – J. Jaques

      “Thank you, this was SO relaxing! I felt no pressure at all, and I simply love your voice.” – D. Tooley

      Our first international TANTRA YOGA WEEKEND was held in GDANSK last May. Here's what the participants said:

      "I want to thank you and Basia for the great weekend course on tantra yoga... I travelled 200km with three friends to participate...We all enjoyed the time and feel this was not the last weekend we will attend."
      - A. Sarna.

      Sun 21st Sept is International Peace Day each year. In Septemer 2014, the first YOGA FOR PEACE weekend ran at Yoga Bodhi and raised over £400 in aid of www.peaceoneday.org. Here's to our next Peace Day in 2016!


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