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Individual Consultation

Individual consultations are designed to let your passion, authenticity and intuition speak. Few people are aware of the actual values that inform their career choices or job changes. Similarly, favourite skills and fields of passionate interest often lie dormant, or might only be partially expressed in your current job. Exercises based on What Colour is Your Parachute can help you reach beyond the CV to clarify your real career values, skills, and fields of interest. As a result, you can access a rich tapestry of new vocational options and convert the best one(s) into action.



  • Clarification of your most powerful & favourite transferable skills.


  • Definition of your favourite knowledge fields and passionate interests.


  • Exploration of your core values & mission statement.


  • Identification of your preferred working conditions, and best location.


  • Translation of your values, skills and fields into specifics: change your role, change career, stop working, or take an adult gap year that inspires your subsequent career?


  • Discussion of additional aspects including: Your specific networking strategy ('informational interviews') to find that job, confidence-building prior to making a change, and/or how to leave your current situation in a beneficial way.


SO, what Color is YOUR Parachute? You are welcome to a FREE confidential phone consultation to discuss your requirements.

BOOKINGS: exploringvocation@gmail.com
or call M: 0044 (0) 79 63093 729

PLEASE NOTE: For face-to-face August 2020 sessions at Satori Gozo Centre (Malta/Gozo). Booking details: tbc (Reduced fee of 75 Euros per 60-min session)

“I thought you were brilliant during the free 30 minute phone conversation I had with you. Thank you very much!" - A. Hoxton











"Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn't do than by the ones you did do. So, throw off the bowlines. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover."

Mark Twain



PHONE & ONLINE CONSULTATIONS UK-wide and international.
FACE-TO-FACE consultations (following social distance requirements) can be arranged for central London, Nottingham region...and now also for Gozo.

NEWS: Face-to-face sessions available at SATORI GOZO CENTRE (Malta/Gozo) 18-20 August 2020 (Special rate 75 Euros). Bookings: details tbc


Enjoy a FREE introductory phone consultation (30 minutes) to
find out how well the Parachute approach suits you.

Online or phone consultations last 1 hour and include free email support plus learning materials. Session fees range from £98 (private) to £150 (corporate). You will be required to complete some exercises in between sessions.

Booking a block of 6 sessions is £555 and comes recommended to complete your 'Vocation Diagram', and gain an action plan that is likely to produce results. Naturally, you are free to book less, or more sessions.

Fees for Face-to-face consultatons vary according to location.

NOT FULLY WAGED? Simply spread sessions & fees over a period of time or use the Job-Hunter's Workbook (see Resources) in between consultations.

BOOKINGS & REFERRALS: exploringvocation@gmail.com
or call M: 0044 (0) 79 63093 729


"...this work is truly great, inspiring and innovative, and daring to look beyond the quotidian concerns of daily life.”              

D. Penman, London