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About Traditional Yoga


Are you looking for deep relaxation, vitality and a fabulous treat for your whole Self? Would you like to dissolve stress and improve your health? Are you curious about getting in touch with your Essence?


Traditional yoga (Kaula Tantra Yoga lineage), is a comprehensive spiritual practice dating back some 10.000 years. The Sanskrit term tantra means 'Divine Essence', and also refers to ‘weaving’, which is quite different to what is reported in the media. The Sanskrit 'yogaḥ' refers to ‘union’ - a union with infinite consciousness. Traditional yoga classes focuses on breath and relaxation so that our whole body learns to meditate. The yoga poses (ãsanas) are designed to help us do this. Ãsanas balance our intrinsic energy system (prana) which is why yoga can make us feel fantastic. The word ãsana ('ãsa' & 'ana') refers to ‘stance/pose’ but also to ‘being’. The poses are therefore approached from a place of care & love for ourselves: we learn to let go of 'performing' and ‘comparing’ and we ‘get out of the way’ so that our individual yoga can come through naturally. This yoga, in particular, is hence more an internal practice, than an external exercise. This approach not only builds efficiency and strength but also cultures patience, trust and intuition - a balance of yin & yang. Practised this way, an abundance of benefits can arise:


"...Look at yourself in the most beautiful way possible - you are Infinity itself. You are a divine being, not just a nurse or an architect...”


S. A. Natha  
- Tantra Yoga Teacher















10 Reasons for practising Yoga


    1. Traditional Yoga teaches our whole body to relax and meditate.


            1. It facilitates breathing deeply & fully which changes how we think.


  1. It helps us take mindfulness & calmness into our home & work lives.


  1. It improves health by balancing ‘prana’ (intrinsic energy system).


  1. It helps dissolve fear & stress so that we can access our true Self.


It optimises all organ systems while also aligning our posture.


  1. It can relieve pain, stiffness, fatigue and insomnia.


  1. Yoga enhances our brain function & our relationship to ourselves & others. Our world view can thus shift towards perceiving the interconnectedness of all things.


  1. Practising ãsanas deepens our philosophical/metaphysical understanding of yoga.   

Last but not least: yoga is very enjoyable, and a great way to make friends.


For evidence on benefits, please see RESOURCES.