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J. Gash, Director turned Coach, Artist & Writer, London.


This workshop was truly transformational. Marietta’s creativity, professionalism and facilitation skills are superb. I came away from the weekend feeling completely inspired.

R. Steel, Head of International Business Development, Bath/Australia



Since working with Marietta, which has been just over a year, I have been able to get a real focus into my life. She has been a catalyst in helping me work out what my unique strengths are and what I love doing using the ‘Parachute Process’. This has engendered a deep sense of self-esteem about what I am naturally good at. This has allowed me now to focus on what I want to do with in my life even though I am in my early fifties! My time with Marietta has coincided with a change in direction and training...I have been accepted for a directorship abroad, my fitness is back on track, and I've have an underlying depth of self-knowledge and self-belief. Marietta, and her exceptional consultations and pastoral care, along with my strong desire for change, are really at the heart of this. I recommend 'What Colour Is Your Parachute?' to anybody who is serious about wanting to have a fulfilling life but is ensure how to go about it.

Dr. A. Voropanov, Locality Manager & Career Changer, Sussex.



Once again thank you for showing me the light at the end of the tunnel and helping me believe that one day I will get to it.


J. Hill, Principal Coach, London.



The workshop not only added to my coaching skills and approaches, but got me to think about my own vocation too. The day was lively and engaging with some very useful tools to use with clients. The opportunity to network with like-minded people from different sectors was also a bonus. Thank you Marietta.


F. Cadell, Mother, Bath.



Marietta, It was a complete surprise attending your talk yesterday: a friend phoned just beforehand and invited me to accompany her as she didn't want to go alone. And I'm so very glad I did to receive so much fresh hope and inspiration. I haven't worked for the past 15 years as have been very busy bringing up our 4 children. Now they are all older, it is time to do something but I have lost a lot of confidence. Your talk has shone a whole new light on my situation, and it is exciting to think about the things that do interest me and to look for avenues in those areas. Thank you very much!.


V. Klein, Employment Advisor, London.


I am highly recommending the workshop to my vocational colleagues! We have really adopted the ‘What Colour is your Parachute’ techniques here and my colleague has completed the ‘Calling Cards’ Exercise with two clients already – it’s a refreshing way to work! We’ve also tried the exercises with two colleagues for their own personal development which was fun and useful.








M. Hardy, Creative Director, Brand Strategy, London.


Marietta was recommended to me by a good friend...I met with her over four sessions where we explored core career & life values using a number of processes and exercises. Marietta helped me to focus on what is important to me and what really gets me inspired - I would definitely recommend spending some time with her if you have arrived at a 'cross roads' in your career and want to work out your next move.

A. Meyers, former Secretary, London.


Marietta, I just wanted to let you know that after five years of unemployment I now have the job I want. I applied for a researcher training scheme with a TV production company, and I got it!.

J.A. Garlinge, Job Seeker, Kent.



I found the training day very rewarding. It gave me a good insight as to where I would like to go with job searching. This has made me more positive. Thank you.


R. Chambers, Vocational Specialist, Derby.


Marietta, I have been raving about the course to my manager, and she would like you to repeat the session at our team away-day.


K. Davies, Vocational Advisor, Yorkshire.


We loved your training in Barnsley…and had a great day yesterday revisiting the content. Thanks so much for the inspiration, we have now incorporated some of the Parachute exercises into our new programme.


D. Nesbit, Leadership Coach, London.


I attended the Exploring Vocation workshop with Marietta. I enjoyed the day and I valued both the content, the great learning materials, and Marietta’s warm and professional approach.







L. Huskisson, previously Unemployed, London.


Marietta, I am now back at work! I started last week as a Support Administrator for a company who looks after people with learning disabilities...it is good to get back to work and feel normal again…I cannot thank you enough.

F. Hill, Project Manager, London.


Marietta is inspiring and has motivated me to do things I've only daydreamed about in the past. I've never met anyone like her before and look forward to her wisdom and special life insight continually guiding me.

S. Brading, Marketing Manager, London.


Marietta, thanks for all your help with the Parachute sessions! I enjoyed them and found it helpful to look at things in a new light.



Dr J. Foell, GP, London.


In several complex situations where individuals suffered from difficulties involving psychosocial and occupational aspects, I worked with Marietta. Adding her additional layer of expertise made a difference - not only to the clinical aspects but also to clients’ financial sphere, confidence, and participation in life. What made it special was the way she links vocational rehabilitation to the aspirations people have in life. This is rarely feasible in a brief GP-patient encounter and constitutes true biopsychosocial medicine.

S. Khan, Occupational Therapist, London.


I just wanted to take this opportunity to extend a huge big thank you a for a truly wonderful training day...The ideas you provided to explore vocation were inspirational, and I am eager to start using them....






F. Gonzales, Publicist, London.


This weekend was all I was hoping for, and more! I just got a new job which is thanks to you, and I now have the confidence to make plans towards my own business next year.

L. Coppola, Accounts Manager, London.


Thanks for a great workshop! I discovered skills I wasn’t aware of and have already put my design work online.

J. White, Mother & Home Maker, East Riding.


Thanks again for the exceptional workshop. The first thing I did when I got home was to encourage my son to do his GCSE in art which is what he really wants to do (instead of IT, the sensible choice)..


J. Breeze, Employment Liaison, London.


I really enjoyed the course - it was very thought provoking and I have been explaining the exercises to my colleague who is now also adding the ideas into his programme.


E. Ekkelenkamp, Rehabilitation Consultant, London.


Marietta, you have been a wonderful help! Thanks again for the exceptional workshop.

D. Taylor, Employment Specialist, Yorkshire.


The parachute workshop was thoroughly engaging and inspiring both personally and professionally. As a vocational practitioner I left with the motivation to practice and apply the new tools explored on the day but most importantly ensure that I look for those opportunities and readiness to inspire others to explore vocation in the broadest sense. The facilitator conveyed knowledge, enthusiasm and competence within a relaxed and fun environment conducive to learning.


A. Anderson, Life Coach, London.



Enlightening...very useful both for myself and my clients.