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Yoga meets Vocation


Traditioanl yoga and vocational exploration can complement each other.


When we lie in silence, move slowly, or breathe deeply in yoga, we invariably start to notice how we actually are. Creating space in our joints creates space in our minds, and vice versa. As distractions fall away, the mind quiets and real listening becomes possible. Now there is room for our deeper aspirations and needs to emerge. Our whole Self wants to get aligned with a meaningful life. Does our current work allow us to do that? And if not, how do we convert insights gained ON the mat into practical steps OFF the mat?

Vocational input beyond yoga classes is a perfect fit here. Consultations are customised to the individual’s unique queries and concerns. Areas of exploration can include: how to move from career to Vocation, how to access favourite values and skills, or how to create a wonderful sabbatical. When vocational goals are set, inspiration and renewed purpose often return. This, in turn, can enrich our yoga practice to benefit ourselves and everyone around us.


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"The key to a happy and fulfilling future is knowing yourself. This self-knowledge is the most important component of finding the right career....” 

      Richard Bolles